Training Services

DOS - Anti-Terrorism Training Assistance

The Anti-Terrorism Assistance Program provides training to law enforcement officers of friendly and allied nations in highly specialized subject matters including the fields of hostage negotiation, explosive incident countermeasures, post-blast investigations, urban patrol management, airport security management, and K-9 training for explosive detection dogs, VIP protection, officers survival, major case management and several other highly specialized subject matters.


As a training vender, TAC Technologies recruits and maintains a data base of highly qualified instructors who can offer training individually or as a member of a training team at any location worldwide. This sometimes includes venues that are inherently dangerous due to environmental or social conditions. TAC is responsible for assembling the training teams and ensuring that they are in-country and available to train on the scheduled dates. Selection of trainers is coordinated with managers at ATA to ensure that the personnel selected meet the highest standard. TAC Technologies also provides instructors to work directly with the Chief of Curriculum Development in preparation of courses and/or modules for various courses that need to be modified based on an needs assessment. Training covers integrated instructional systems design, and preparation of professional training materials including lesson plans, training aids, tests and practical exercises.

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