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WMD Countermeasures Division Training

As prime contractor in support of the WMD Countermeasures Division of the Department of State, Office of International Programs, TAC Technologies provided training and equipment to 256 U.S. embassies, consulates, foreign missions, and DOS domestic facilities to counter the threat of WMDs. The instructors equipped all DOS employees overseas and employees at DOS domestic locations with escape masks and trained them in the use, storage, and maintenance of these masks. These masks were provided to assist in the evacuation of chemical or biological attack sites. In addition, in the overseas environment the training also included the use of atropine, a nerve agent antidote. US Embassies and Consulates supported by the program were located in Africa, East- Asia-Pacific, and Europe, Near East, South-Asia and Western Hemisphere. Work requirements were prioritized and focused by country or region, depending on the threat.


Efforts began with chemical, biological, and radiation vulnerability surveys of overseas facilities; the work involved coordination with host countries’ local officials. Training included classes for first responders, guard forces, U.S. Marine security personnel, incident managers, and others, as appropriate to the threat. In addition to receiving, storing, and shipping chemical, biological, and radiation equipment for use in 256 overseas locations worldwide, TAC developed a full-response capability to assist missions and facilities for both pre- and post-attack activity.

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