Training Services

Services and Solutions

At TAC Technologies, we listen to your business needs and work with you to determine what is most critical to your organization.

By collaborating with our customers in a synergetic relationship we are able to offer the most effective solutions custom tailored to meet any and all requirements. It is our goal to build long-term partnerships and provide effective solutions, resulting in improved operations, increased efficiency, and greater productivity for our clients.

Our Promises to Our Customers

  •  We customize our solutions to each of your business needsWe understand each organization is different and requires a tailored approach no matter how small or large the scope.
  • We deliver unsurpassed qualityEach year we have met our corporate goal of 100% positive reviews.
  • We offer innovative solutions. As the global environment changes so do the requirements. As a result, we take pride in our ability to respond to all requests by offering subject matter experts who are well-trained and able to meet your most challenging requests with innovative solutions.

Our Solutions:

  • Training Services
    • Curriculum Design and Development
    • Platform Delivery - training service forces to:
      • Protect borders
      • Protect infrastructure
      • Protect leadership
      • Respond to and resolve terrorist incidents
      • Respond to weapons of mass destruction attacks
      • Respond to terrorist incidents resulting in mass casualties or fatalities
    • Training Evaluations
      • Course Design
      • Document Support
      • Technical Content Delivery
      • Measuring Effectiveness
  • Financial & Economic Services
  • Mission Support


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